Safety Sleeve

Wearable, Prototyping

85.000 cyclists have been involved in a traffic accident in 2014. 400 cyclists have been killed in a traffic accident in 2014. That represents 12 % of all fatal accidents in Germany.
With this statistic and the fact that it's hard to recognize cyclists in the dark or when it's rainy we developed a concept for a cyclist-jacket. Our prototype consists of one sleeve, which would be integrated in the jacket. LED-arrows are starting to light up when the cyclist is raising one arm. The arrows symbolizes the direction in which the cyclist wants to go.

3. Semester

Course and academic:
International Seminarweek
Anne Niemetz (Victoria University of Wellington)

Programs and technology used:
Arduino (LilyPad)

Project partners:
Martina Eckert

Prototype of Safety Sleeve

Scribble of the idea

Working process

Arrangement of LED-arrows