Website, Prototyping

We as students have noticed that the latest prototyping tools or events come much too late and are often missed. There are a lot of websites about design, which are up-to-date and popular. But there is no such thing yet for the interaction design area. Concerning daily news you are overwhelmed, so you can't read everything and so perhaps interesting things pass by. There are so many news sites that you lose track of where to get the best news.
IxD is a web application that provides the user with a summary of relevant links in the interaction design area. The user will be informed about events, job offers and gets a weekly selection of the top news. Thanks to our browser plugin, the user has quick access to stored links also outside of the application.

4. Semester

Course and academic:
Application Design 2
Anka Spörl

Device used:
Macbook Pro

Programs used:
Sketch, Justinmind

Design methods:
Interview of Empathy, Think aloud, Be your own Customer,
Draw a first Prototype, A day in a life, Affinity Diagram
and Map, Customer Journey Map

Project partners:
Barbara Schußmann, Marleen Schweickert

The video shows our interactive prototype:

Plugin notification in the browser and on our website

Plugin sidebar with saved links