Paddy - The Panic Buddy

Invention Design, Prototyping

In the course 'Invention Design' our task was to create a future scenario with an existing technology or a technology which could be existing in the future. The goal was to create a very detailed concept or a product which doesn't even exist yet. The design wasn't relevant for that course.
In our project we created a concept and a little prototype for people who are seriously affected by panic attack desease. As devices we have chosen a smartphone with an app on the one hand and a smartwatch on the other hand. Both work together to prevent an attack or help people through such an attack.

3. Semester

Course and professor:
Invention Design 1
Prof. David Oswald

Device used:
Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, Samsung Galaxy Gear S2

Programs used:
Adobe Experience Design, Marvel App, Keynote

Design methods:
Morphological box, Persona, Storyboard, Use Cases

Project partners:
Anna Erlewein, Marleen Schweickert

Video that is showing the prototype for the smartphone app.

Home Screen - Diary overview - Diary overview in a list

Diary entry - Configuration for prevention and methods

Categories 'pacification', 'perception' and 'information' - Prevention reminder - Category 'perception'

Category 'pacification' and prevention exercise: Breathe in and out