MyFitnessPal Redesign

Application Design, Prototyping

Our task in 'Application Design' was to redesign an app which already exists. We've chosen 'MyFitnessPal', because we found many strengths but also weaknesses in this app. The app has large and comprehensive food and exercise data. However, the method of presenting and using this data is disorganized, inconvenient and had the need to be improved. For us it was very important to create a well-structured app but also to improve the user experience.

3. Semester

Course and academic:
Application Design 1
Jürgen Graef

Device used:
iPhone 6 plus

Programs used:
Adobe Experience Design, Axure

Design methods:
KANO, Moodboard, Persona, SWOT

Project partners:
Anna Erlewein, Sonja Kozik, Chris Yan (Exchange Student)

The video shows our interactive prototype:

The following comparison shows screens of the original 'MyFitnessPal' - App and our redesigned screens.

Home Screen

Food Overview

Food Search

Exercise Page

Community Page

Settings Page