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Interactive Installation, Prototyping

This course constists of two main parts. The first one is about the concept and the second one about an interactive installation. The concept is developed for a new hotel and especially for business travellers. The main essence is time. It's about a service which provides the business traveller with activities and events of the city depending on their free time between business meetings. In that way they are able to experience the city in the same way as other travellers do.
The interactive installation concentrates on the possibility to advertise the hotel in the city for foreign but also for the local people. By sharing the experience with the installation in their social media channels, they support the advertisement of the hotel. Besides that the installation also gives a small break and time for the people in their everyday rush.

6. Semester
Exchange semester (1.MA Communication Design)
Designskolen Kolding

Course and academic:
Advanced Expertise
Andreas Refsgaard (Støj)

Device used:
TV, external webcam

Coding languages used:

Project partners:
Chelsea Bellomy, Tamara Shawkatová

The video shows our interactive prototype: