Bachelor Thesis

ALIOT is a system that includes a mobile application for smartphones and a box with a RFID reader and tags. It's for autistic people in everyday life when they want to pack a bag for recurring activities. The system is mainly used at home, but also supports the autistic person during the current activity.

7. Semester
Bachelor Thesis

Prof. Jörg Beck, Prof. David Oswald

Programs used:
Sketch, Adobe After Effects

Device and technology used:
Samsung Galaxy A5, RFID

Design methods:
Interviews, Focus groups, Co-Design workshop, Personas, User stories and scenarios

Project partner:
Marleen Schweickert

Postcard for the bachelor semester exhibition.

Scribbles of ideas for each area within the app.

How the app supports the user from the lock screen.

Wizard to help the user within the app.

With the help of a chatbot the user is able to start the training. After packing the bag the user can start playing games.

A games area and a diagram showing the personal improvement as motivation to keep up with the training.

The video shows a prototype of the system in use: