3D Mapping

Face Mapping, Motion Control, Coding

This was a 5 week course by Franklin Hernandez-Castro from the Costa Rica Institute of Technology. Our main topic was 3D Mapping on a huge 3D face we built. Our group concentrated on the topic of age mapping. Our goal was to work only with code and no other program as support for visual effects. Therefore we worked only with gravity of the particular parts of the face. Our style was kept rather minimalist than real, so that we could highlight the gravity effects.

2. Semester

Course and professor:
3-dimensional Design
Franklin Hernández-Castro (Costa Rica Institute of Technology)

Programs used:
Sublime Text 3

Coding languages used:
HTML, CSS, Javascript

Technology used:
Leap Motion

Project partners:
Dennis Buchbender, Martina Eckert, Marina Hörz, Julian Schwarz