Alarm Clock

Interface Design, Prototyping

In "Usability and Interface Design 1" we dealt with how processes between the user and a product can be made understandable and how the user interface can be made clear and easy to operate. We had to create interfaces for an alarm clock with one special feature. In our project, the user had to solve a little game before the alarm clock stops ringing.

2. Semester

Course and academic:
Interface Design 1
Thomas Techert

Device used:
iPhone 6s

Programs used:
Adobe Illustrator, Keynote

Design methods:
Card Sorting, Flowcharts, Moodboard, Persona, User Stories

Project partners:
Nagihan Avcu, Lesley-Ann Schweitzer

Video that is showing some interactions of the alarm clock.

Home Screen and Alarm menue

Alarm Times menue and Alarm Times edit or delete

Date and Time menue and Games menue

Decision: alarm clock on or off and Decision: game yes or no